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 Socket Preservation Surgery

Dental extractions are often necessary because of decay, infection, bone loss or fractured teeth. The bone that holds the tooth in place (the socket) may be damaged do to disease or infection resulting in a defect of the jaw after the tooth is extracted. Also, when teeth are removed, the surrounding bone and gums often shrink and recede.

Socket Preservation    

Jaw bone defects can create problems when replacing missing teeth, particularly if dental implants are to be placed. Jaw bone deficiencies can be prevented and repaired by a procedure called socket preservation. Socket preservation greatly increases your chance for successful dental implant placement. Socket preservation involves placing bone or a bone substitute into the extraction socket immediately after a tooth is removed. The area is then covered with the surrounding gum tissue and an artificial membrane. The socket then heals with less shrinkage and collapse of the surrounding bone and soft tissues. The newly formed bone within the socket provides a foundation for implant placement. Socket preservation is particularly important for the placement of implants to restore the front teeth. If you require the extraction of one of your teeth and plan to replace it with an implant, be sure to ask about socket preservation before your tooth is removed.

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